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Truck Accidents Can Be Especially Serious And Complex

Every auto accident can result in a serious injury, but those that involve large vehicles often lead to even more devastating consequences. It is a truck driver’s and his or her employer’s duty to adhere to safety precautions and industry regulations that keep commercial drivers and others on the road safe.

Unfortunately, not all drivers and trucking companies are as cautious as they need to be. If you were injured because of another individual’s negligence on the road, make sure to protect your options in compensation. The financial support you can collect through personal injury claims can help ease the burden of medical bills, lost wages and on-going financial hardships caused by your injury.

At the law office of Clay J. Mitchell, Attorney at Law, I help injury victims throughout Wauconda, Illinois, and surrounding areas. As a former insurance claims manager, I am intimately familiar with what insurance companies need to justify maximum compensation for motor vehicle accident claims.

For trucking accident victims, this means:

  • Demonstrating liability: I thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding truck accidents or commercial vehicle accidents to prove that my clients’ injuries were directly related to a driver or trucking company’s negligence. This can involve providing evidence of driver error, driver fatigue, poor training practices, inadequate equipment maintenance, improper handling of hazardous materials or something else.
  • Illustrating damages: I help my clients gather the proper medical evidence and property damage documentation to show what minor or serious injuries were sustained, what consequences have resulted from those injuries and what level of compensation is needed to address them.
  • Finding coverage: Some at-fault parties do not have adequate insurance coverage to give accident victims what they need for medical care, lost wages and the long-term effects of an injury. I know insurance inside-and-out, and I can find unique policy terms that help get my clients the maximum amount possible.

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