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Protect Your Rights If You Face A DUI Charge

A common pretext police use to make driving under the influence (DUI) arrests is to claim the driver violated a traffic law prior to being pulled over, or gave some other probable cause for an arrest such as driving erratically. If you have ever been out past 2 a.m. on a Saturday, you have probably seen this practice in action.

Through my DUI defense practice at Clay J. Mitchell, Attorney at Law, in Wauconda, I help drivers in Lake County, McHenry County and throughout Northern Illinois to protect themselves from the consequences of drunk driving arrests.

Whether you are a young driver facing your first DUI charge or a veteran of multiple arrests and convictions, I will do everything in my power to help you save your driver’s license and stay out of jail. Contact my office to start the process.

Arrested For Drunk Driving? This May Sound Familiar.

Patrol officers often wait along heavily used roads near bars and taverns. Since they know a good portion of the drivers that pass will have had at least one drink, and that some may have exceeded the legal limit for driving a motor vehicle, it is an odds game as to how many drivers they need to pull over before they find one they can arrest for driving under the influence (DUI).

Even if the driver was not weaving or otherwise driving poorly, it is often a matter of the driver’s word against that of a police officer. If the driver was drinking, the pretext for the arrest — even if the police officer invented it — may be overshadowed by the evidence of drunk driving.

For adults over 21 years, this legal driving limit is defined by a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of only .08 percent. For underage drivers, Illinois has a zero tolerance policy, meaning that the driver may not have any alcohol in his or her system. Drivers who fail to contest their DUI charge automatically face a driver’s license suspension.

You Can Fight Back — I Will Help You

In many ways, the deck is stacked against the driver from the moment he or she takes a drink. But you can fight back. I will help you.

Retain me as your attorney, and I will scour police reports, scrutinize police procedures and otherwise look for evidence that your arrest was illegal, or that your field sobriety or blood test was improper or inaccurate.

If it is not possible to acquit you of your charge, I will seek to minimize penalties and seek alternatives to jail such as alcohol counseling, public service and suspended sentencing. I will also advocate for you at your judicial hearing to contest your summary statutory suspension or revocation of your license. If you have already lost your license, I can help you to reinstate your driving privileges.

It is important that you call me quickly, as you must contest your suspension or revocation within 90 days of your arrest. Other timelines also apply. The sooner you call me, the sooner I can protect your rights and your freedoms.

Don’t Wait Until It Is Too Late | Call DUI Attorney Clay J. Mitchell

To discuss your options with an experienced Wauconda DUI defense lawyer, contact me, attorney Clay J. Mitchell, online or at 847-584-3979. I offer a free initial consultation to each prospective client. I look forward to discussing your case and putting your life back on track.