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I care about my clients and do all I can to keep them informed. I will present a comprehensive strategy for success in your personal injury or criminal defense case. You won't be kept in the dark.

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I am Clay J. Mitchell, a long-standing Wauconda attorney, helping clients throughout Lake County and surrounding counties in Illinois. I grew up in this area. My clients are more than just case files. They are my friends and neighbors — people I genuinely care about.

Helping people in this community keeps me passionate about my job. I am pleased that it is reflected in the favorable results I have helped them achieve in criminal defense and personal injury matters. Arrange a free consultation to begin the process today.

Courteous, Prompt And Strategic Representation

Legal proceedings can make daily life unravel pretty quickly. Urgent medical care after car accidents or a personal injury can lead to urgent medical bills. A criminal investigation can lead to criminal accusations. Issues like these can leave you unable to work or with a criminal record that follows you around. It can be truly difficult to land back on your feet.

My goal is to help my clients find the tools that return them to stability and success. This may involve recovering insurance resources that many people overlook or find ways to suppress evidence against my criminal law clients.

You do not have to simply let legal actions control your life. I will make every effort to restore a sense of well-being and security that gives you the greatest chance for success.

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Photo of Clay J. Mitchell“I am an old-fashioned lawyer. I do not run my office like a processing mill. I take the time to find a real solution for my clients and do not turn down challenging cases just because of profitability. I like feeling like my services have value and improve people’s lives.”

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When you arrange a free initial consultation with me, you will be able to work directly with the lawyer who represents you. I am truly a solo practitioner with more than 23 years of experience in Illinois and federal courts.

Send me an email or call me directly at 847-584-3979 to discuss your options. I will take the time to answer your questions and help you understand what happens next.