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There Are Numerous Defense Strategies For Drug Charges

The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution established what are known as “search and seizure” protections for all citizens.

These protections are intended to prevent law enforcement officers from apprehending or detaining a person, and from searching that person’s belongings and property, without first obtaining a valid warrant or establishing “probable cause” that the person committed a crime.

Were You Arrested For Drugs? You May Have Been Subjected To An Illegal Search And Seizure.

When pursuing drug arrest, police officers routinely attempt to circumvent these protections. One method is to convince the person to consent to a search, either by intimidating him or her into believing a search cannot be refused, or encouraging the false belief that cooperation will improve his or her situation.

Another tactic is to arrest the person over a minor infraction — such as a traffic violation — that may or may not have occurred. An arrest can establish the probable cause needed to justify a search or seizure.

Either way, the police are able to overcome your legal protections and obtain the evidence they need to realize their ultimate goal: charging you with a crime.

Defense Against Possession Of Marijuana And Other Drug Charges In Lake County, Illinois

I am Clay J. Mitchell, a drug arrest defense lawyer in Wauconda, Illinois. For more than 23 years, I have helped clients in Lake County, McHenry County and throughout Northern Illinois protect their Fourth Amendment rights as well as their freedoms, following drug arrests of all kinds. I defend clients charged with crimes ranging from possession of drugs, to possession with intent to deliver (selling), to trafficking of drugs, including:

  • Marijuana
  • Methamphetamine
  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Mushrooms
  • Rohypnol (“roofies”)
  • MDMA (“ecstasy”)
  • Illegal prescription drugs, including Oxycodone and OxyContin
  • Any other controlled substances

A Drug Arrest Is Not The End Of The Story

Although the police tactics mentioned above are unethical, and arguably illegal, they get results for prosecutors. Once you are arrested with drugs in your possession, it is very hard to convince a court of your innocence. The prosecution has powerful evidence against you, and you stand to face severe penalties as a result.

However, all is not lost. If I can prove that your arrest, search or seizure was invalid, I can attack the basis of the charges against you and have your charges thrown out, or greatly reduced.

Even if prosecutors have a strong case against you, I can find flaws in the evidence that may cast doubt on your charges, and lead to lesser penalties, including reduced fines and jail time.

Improve Your Chances With An Experienced Drug Defense Attorney

In all cases, your chances are much better if you hire a seasoned criminal defense attorney to advocate for you. I have decades of experience in local courts and in the federal system. I have worked repeatedly with the judges and prosecutors in several jurisdictions. I know how to get things done in the criminal justice system, and I can obtain favorable results for you.

If you have been arrested for a drug-related crime, get the criminal defense you deserve. Contact me, your Wauconda drug arrest lawyer at Clay J. Mitchell, Attorney at Law, online or by calling 847-584-3979.