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Meet Wauconda Attorney Clay J. Mitchell

I believe a good lawyer is someone who knows who their clients are, knows their problems and can see beyond paper pushing a case through the legal system. A good lawyer sees what a client needs and what strategic options are available to meet those needs.

Exceptional Representation From A Local Attorney

My entire life has been devoted to Wauconda and individuals in this area of Illinois. I grew up here and chose to establish my law firm here out of a dedication to doing good for the community I love. Learn more about my experience by following the link below.

Guidance And Answers In Injury Law And Criminal Law

I have focused my practice on two areas of law that resonate with me: personal injury and criminal defense. In both cases, my clients often have the cards stacked against them by the time they meet with me. They struggle with injuries or have already had their rights jeopardized in criminal investigations.

There are opportunities for favorable results, but not all attorneys put in the work to find them. I go the extra mile for my clients in every case to make sure they have the greatest chance for success.

Experience To Back It Up

I bring decades of experience to the table in both personal injury and criminal defense. I am a former insurance claims manager who knows firsthand how insurance companies treat different claims, where opportunities for benefit recovery exist, and how to effectively pursue claim payments.

Arrange a free initial consultation with me to discuss your case and learn more about your options. Reach me via email or by telephone at 847-584-3979.

Personal injury cases are handled on a contingency fee basis.