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Stellar Results In Motor Vehicle Accident Injury Claims

Car accidents are a common occurrence on Illinois roads and highways. For accident victims, however, they are sudden, life-altering situations.

As auto accident attorney, I have helped countless people in Wauconda and surrounding areas of Illinois. They typically come to me with serious physical and financial hardships — both of which should be addressed through the at-fault party’s insurance.

Unfortunately, many people fail to recover the compensation they need and deserve following an auto accident. Negligent parties sometimes do not have adequate coverage to take care of the injury victim’s needs. Claim submissions do not always reflect the full weight of the injury.

As a former claims manager, I know auto insurance company goals inside and out. I can shed light on where coverage exists, how to effectively recover it and how to recover it soon.

Free initial consultation: Contact me, Clay J. Mitchell, in Wauconda, Illinois, to discuss your personal injury claim with an experienced attorney. I have been dedicated to helping injury victims for more than 23 years, and I will offer you that same dedication.

Finding Coverage That Can Help You After Your Accident

Sometimes knowing where to go for insurance benefits is key to getting what you need. Many of the clients I work with are struggling to recover benefits because the at-fault party’s insurance coverage is limited or nonexistent.

Do not give up hope. In these cases, we may be able to pursue coverage options through an injury victim’s personal insurance policy, through a property owner’s policy, through uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage or something else.

Legal Representation Backed By Knowledge Of The Auto Insurance Industry

I have successfully handled cases up to $3.6 million primarily arising out of auto and truck collisions. While putting myself through DePaul Law School, I worked as a claims manager for a small auto insurance company in Schaumburg. I managed claims during the day and attended classes at night. In six years, I worked my way up to vice president of claims.

I stayed there until 1990, at which point I began a career in private practice in the same Wauconda building where I practice today. Due to my insurance background, I am particularly experienced at recognizing coverage and lien issues, and arguing them successfully. I have personally handled two appeals of trial court rulings in civil matters and won both decisions, both of which are published opinions.

My knowledge of the insurance industry and experience representing injured clients mean I understand how the other side thinks. I know the insurance company may reject your claim. I have recovered as much as $3.6 million on behalf of individual clients injured in motor vehicle accidents.

Contact me online or by telephone at 847-584-3979 today to work directly with a lawyer who cares about your health and recovery.